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"DeAnne Stewart's rendition of 'Proud Mary' is astounding"

David Clarke, Broadway World


R E C E N T  N E W S

DeAnne is a part of the new musical, Jagged Little Pill on Broadway! With the current suspension of performances due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she has found new opportunities for performing and connecting with the community. You can see some of her recent virtual performances with her Jagged family down below.


Amidst creating quarantine content for JLP, DeAnne has been exploring other facets of her skill set recently. Songwriting is a medium which she has been secretly exploring for a few years now. She just released a stripped down and homemade music video for her song, "Goodbye", written with guitarist, Jervej Bervar. She's excited to share more of these creations and collaborations soon!


The shift of education to online platforms has afforded DeAnne the opportunity to continue to connect with young artists through Zoom. DeAnne was a guest lecturer for Open Door Productions, a theatrical group at the University of Utah and spoke with musical theatre students at the University of Alabama. Feel free to reach out if your group or institution is interested in having her host a workshop or Q&A session!


DeAnne has also been a recent guest on podcasts such as Foolish Voices and Dear Multi-hyphenate.  Listen below to her discuss her career, the response of our community to this global health crisis, her hopes for the future of our art form and more. Listen below!



If able, I implore you to consider donating to one of these organizations in support of entertainment professionals who are struggling during this unprecedented time in both our country and our industry's history. Every bit helps!


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Jagged Little Pill Debut

Jagged Little Pill

Photo by Spiro Marcos


5 Debut Questions: Jagged Little Pill's DeAnne Stewart

For The Ensemblist

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all things


BEAUTIFUL on PBS', A Capitol Fourth

"Natural Woman" on ABC's DWTS

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Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 2.16.42 PM.png

The Living City: New York City

by Alicia Churilla 

A Comparative Analysis of Identity and Dress in the Modern Metropolis This capstone project aims to answer the question: how does the identity of a post-modern city affect the manner its inhabitants (or society) self identify through dress? Through the exploration of different international cities, the topic explores how the identity of a city (ethos) influences the identity of the occupants in the city. This thesis explores identity through dress, thus examining how the culture and environment that surrounds an individual shapes their dress practices. The idea of how one dresses ultimately examines clothing’s expressive ties to the values, history, and spirit of a city. As people are the wearers of clothes, this exploration shows the connection of society’s physical environment and how they see themselves. 

Happy Thursday!! ☀️ I’m so proud to shar

Proud Women  

by Brittany Wheaton Jeltema & Melissa Jeltema

Proud Women is a coffee table style book that features more than 100 fierce, brave women in the LGBTQ+ community and their stories. Our goal was to give a group of diverse women a platform to share their story and inspire others to have the courage to be uniquely themselves.

Each woman featured in the book was asked a series of questions about their life as a woman in the LGBTQ+ community. They vulnerably shared their perspective in a way that sheds light on the challenges and courage it takes to overcome the obstacles they've faced.

Our hope is that readers will connect with at least one of the women in this book. Whether it’s allowing their story to resonate with them on a personal level or finding inspiration through their Instagram account (found on each page), the goal is for our audience to have a positive, empowering experience.

Photo by Anna Haas